Always At The Right Moment

Karen tends to have something to cheer me up always at the right time. She adds so much color to my life. Check out the Celestarium she just entered into the Topsfield Fair!

Before I went to Ireland I missed knit night to go to the baseball (three Baseball Mondays in a row meant I missed three knit nights too – yuck!) Look what Karen had her husband make for everyone at knit night!!!

Note the different color beads to note the start of a round…

I had to bring plain stitch markers to Ireland because Aer Lingus can be snotty about knitting. All was fine but I wasn’t chancing it. I was delighted to find out yesterday that my October Mystery Animal KAL: needs four stitch markers! Yay! I will finally get to use pretty fancy stitch markers!!! My first ever!

Yesterday we had to bring Daddy to the airport. Karen somehow knew I’d need something to get through the week… Look what she found!


I was confused by the packaging. This one is made in Northern Ireland. Can’t wait to try it! I managed to hold off yesterday (even though it was quite a hard evening) I have a feeling I’ll need it more another day…

Now, how does one explain HP Brown Sauce to Karen?


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