Second Monday in a Row

On Monday we went to the Lowell Spinners. I won tickets through my local newspaper! It was the middle game of three Mondays in a row – Last Monday we were at Target Field for the Twins vs the Mets, Next Monday we will be at Fenway for the Red Sox vs the Tigers…

The tickets were great, a little corner row of bleachers all to ourselves right beside the bullpen. We usually sit on the 3rd base side so at first the speakers and video screen were distracting, but it kept Conor entertained!

The Spinners have a play area for kids the helps get the wiggles out.

What was I thinking?

Last time we were here Conor wanted to go on this mega slide but I said no. I gathered enough courage to let him do it this time. The girl made sure he was up there on his own (how did she know the jostling kids spook him more than the slide?) He stayed up about ten seconds looking down then went for it, the brave boy!!! I about had a heart attack…

It was Star Wars Night at the ballpark. Papa recently got Conor the DVD set (IV, V and VI) so this was the icing on the cake. I think we may have a Halloween costume request out of this…

The force is strong in these ones

Papa’s favorite part was being thrown a fly ball from the bullpen. His first ever. Of course, it was meant for Conor, who was waving at the pitchers the whole game (not trying to get a ball, just really liked saying hi to them) but Papa is minding it for him until he understands the significance…


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