Middlesex 4H Fair

I have been looking forward to this fair since we discovered it last year. It’s all kids showing their animals and pets and projects, with a horse show, dog agility, bouncy house, pony rides, tractor ride, etc thrown in. You can really get up close to the animals and it’s not crazy busy or expensive like Topsfield Fair. (Mind you, those $1 and $2 rides do add up…)

This is quite acceptable

This is not at all acceptable!

The baby rabbits were a big hit. Some girls had a table full of bunnies that you could pet too. So soft!

Hop hop

We got up close to all the sheep, goats, cows (we petted a calf), chickens (Eoin got scared by a particularly loud rooster), a sow, and some lovely painted horses.

They had a small sheep to shawl demonstration with shearing, spinning etc. I managed to get the boys to stay a little bit so I could inhale some yarn fumes.

We finished off with another pony ride and a look at the horse show with our neighbor George who we had told about the fair last year and obviously had created another return customer!!

I didn’t make Eoin go on again!


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