Fishing in Minnesota

It took us a few days to warm Conor up to going in JT’s new fishing boat (he absolutely would not go in the speed boat – though I got him to sit in it and pretend to drive on the last day…) We went out with Byron ourselves to try it out and had a blast trying to catch fish.

Thanks for the great photo and company Byron!

The fish were mocking us SO badly that the only fish caught were the two small catfish using old bait, and three catfish the lads put back after catching them while night fishing.

On Saturday Eoin was pretty sick but we took him out anyway (the day couldn’t have gotten much worse for him anyway, right?) and our brave Conor too.

Rallying Conor, Eoin still unsure

Eoin perked up once we saw the birds.

Flap flap

So then we could move on and find a spot to fish. No trolling motor meant we had to drift but it was all good.


Found fish on the fish finder Daddy! Let’s Stop!

Look Mama, no hands!


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