Chemotherapy Caps

My stealth knitting has had to be put on hold for some production knitting. My Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer in June and will have her second go of chemotherapy on Thursday. I am going to go over for her third round in early September. I am working on a second hat now and already sent this lovely one last week.

Xeranthemum, a hardy annual

I loved this pattern. It’s called Xeranthemum by Tiina Kuu. I added the purple embroidery myself after seeing a picture of the flower online. I used Berroco Comfort DK since Mum also can’t tolerate animal fibers.

Mum got it on Thursday and Skyped me. It’s a hit! Of course, she had no need to wear it indoors quite yet (summer in Ireland isn’t THAT cold) but I appreciated getting to see it nonetheless. Depending on treatments people can feel cold even in the summer, so it was important for me to send a warm hat. Knitting has also really helped me feel useful from so far away.


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