Admiring the Handiwork

If you leave food around in the house Eoin will eat it, then throw it all over the floor. I almost cried when I forgot about the watermelon this morning and went off into another room on some task or other.
Unfortunately, Conor is a grazer who does best with food left out to tempt him half an hour hence, when he feels like he’s made the decision to eat all by himself… He’ll have to change his tune soon, or he’ll starve. I can’t take this much longer! Here we see The remains of Conor’s dinner.

Earlier we had a mess of a different kind. A rainy day meant Conor wanted to paint. It was grand until Eoin tried to eat the fingerpaints and Conor decided to stamp Eoin’s forehead with lions and elephants.
I was particularly impressed by Conor’s discovery of Rembrandt’s etching technique though, making the whole endeavour worthwhile.


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