A Week in Acadia: Camping

Half of our experience in Acadia was definitely about the camping. I knew if we didn’t try camping this summer that we would fail to get around to it for another five years. So I made a huge long list, got a screen tent, a queen air mattress, a very large 100 quart cooler, bug repellent, s’mores ingredients, found all the sleeping bags, Thermarests, the Propane stove and tent we bought two years ago and had never used, flashlights… And off we went.

Here we have a typical view of our campsite at Blackwoods Campground, a National Park campground.

The boys helped Daddy make a fire while Mama cooked and we tried to dry out from the rain

Conor’s favourite thing was helping Daddy with the fire (so he could eat marshmallows)


Eoin’s favourite thing was playing with the utensils, pots and cleaning water


Papa’s favourite thing was the morning pile-on

Good morning!

Mama’s favourite thing was watching the boys have fun (and staying out of my way so I could make dinner)

Can we not have marshmallows for dinner?

I will admit it was not always plain sailing. The rain on Tuesday was pretty bad, but we stayed relatively dry (not the porch unfortunately but it was not designed to) and Eoin got two molars and was pretty clingy (makes it harder to haul water) and tired. Sometimes Conor needed extra comforts from home (especially on the rainy days)


But really camping was wonderful, tiring, damp, dirty, joyful, fun, and the cider tasted extra special

Not to mention the blueberry pie…


One comment

  1. Looks like you were well equipped for your Acadia adventures! Very impressive. I think marshmallows for dinner (followed by blueberry pie) sounds wonderful!

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