Museum of Science

We went to the Museum of Science to fill our morning before picking Papa up from the airport. I wish I had budgeted more time! It was a fantastic first visit!

Trying to fit the blocks in the “pallet”

There was no surprise that my boys gravitated towards the trains and anything with buttons. The mathematics room succeeded in keeping them absorbed and away from trains for a good amount of time though. Conor loved the probability balls and Eoin loved the mechanical arrow (train?!) that went around a Moebius strip.

There’s a train under there! Choo Choo!

There was a nice prototype room testing displays for a Pixar exhibit that the museum is planning. Conor is a future lighting designer.

Changing the position of the sun

Needless to say we spent a lot of time at this display case.

Well, whaddya know? Press a button and a train moves!

This was a wonderful trip. I thought the boys were too young, but not at all. The main hazard was the camp kids who were never looking where they were going. They will certainly get even more out of it as they get older though!


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