Crunching and Clicking in My Quiet House

Finally! Pictures of yarn! The Summer Mystery Knit-Along has started and I cast on last night. Pattern is Summer Storm by Anadiomena. I’m delighted with the yarn I ordered. I wanted something that looked like a storm over the sea, but also something that would go with my boys’ gray/blue eyes.

Knit Picks CotLin DK in Raindrop

My treat for being on my own after a lovely week full of people was a packet of Tayto (Dónal brought me 12, to be rationed out over the next while) and casting on. Papa is in Rio de Janeiro so everything is really too quiet, but the yarn and crisps helped a lot. Plus I get visitors again for July 4 – Trefor and the two girls plus Pontus are coming into town.

Crisps, yarn, and my needle roll that Dónal got me one Christmas


One comment

  1. I thought I heard some funny noises coming from your direction! 🙂 I can think of nothing better than yarn, knitting and chips (crisps) to ease the “after the company leaves” blues. Beautiful yarn by the way.

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