Five-Year Anniversary

Papa and I celebrated five years married yesterday. Needless to say he surprised me yet again with an amazing gift (I always try to tell him not to get me anything and he never listens.) He knows me so well… He got me an Ice Cream Maker! Of course, he had been testing the waters for a few weeks, commenting lots about how I was eating so much ice cream in the evenings. I had begun to get quite self-conscious about it and thought he was trying to hint that I should lay off it a bit! Huge relief that this was not the case…

These are California strawberries but Papa says Massachusetts is supposed to have a great crop this year because of our perfect weather

Strawberries after sitting with sugar and a splash of vodka

In the process of spilling it…


Happy mama and happy helper

Stir stir stir

We think the process of spilling it warmed up the bowl too much during the clean-up, plus we probably didn’t chill the mixture enough before adding it to the bowl. It was still quite liquid after the recommended amount of time. So we are sitting watching the Stanley Cup Finals waiting for it to freeze a bit more in the freezer.

Here is something else red – dinner from our first week of our CSA Summer share. Beets, beet greens, and red mustard greens.

The red mustard greens were accurately described as “burly” by the Papa


One comment

  1. Congrats on your 5th! (Our 25th is coming up soon – yikes!! Only feels like 5 though, maybe 10 at the most.) You will have fun perfecting your ice cream – yum!

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