Spot Pond Family Fishing Festival

The Massachusetts Department of Fish & Game organized a family fishing festival on Spot Pond together with local police. We headed down there today to try out local fishing for the first time and see if Conor had a taste for it. They had rods that you could borrow, free bait, free food, and a professional bass fisherman, Gene Ellison. He was really friendly, as was everybody else. It was hard to get a spot to cast your line without being decapitated by others (or having your 3-year-old aim a hook at someone’s eye) but it was an excellent first fishing experience for me and the boys.

Mealworms are tasty

The Stoneham library has a new pass this summer that lets you rent a boat for free on Spot Pond or Lake Quannapowitt so that will be a fantastic way for us to try out a new activity without investing too much in it. It can be hard to abandon an activity if things go pear shaped with the boys if you have spent a lot of money to bring it about. And Conor can bring his new rod that we won in the raffle out on the water!

Doesn’t get much better than this

One comment

  1. Nice photography – looks like you had the whole pond to yourselves! That’s so cool that Conor won a fishing rod – yay!

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