Resurrecting Rhubarb

I am a slightly clueless gardener. I have two things in my garden that completely die down over the winter and then come out in glorious color in the Spring. Of course, I had no idea they did that and I had no idea what one was, or that it had flowers, until this year because it is our first year being here in May/June! Thankfully my knitting friends told me (from my description “Papa mows it down in the fall and it bounces right back again in the spring, with flowers”) that I have peonies! They are beautiful!

Pink peonies pink peonies pink peonies

Last year I planted rhubarb and had to leave it alone for the first year so it would take. It got trampled on when our fence was replaced and I thought it was done for, but this spring it started growing again! I mentioned how amazing this was to mum and she informed me that rhubarb always does this. So Clueless! This year I am looking forward to a bumper crop! It was worth the wait!

Red rhubarb red rhubarb red rhubarb



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