Pink Lady’s Slippers

Teresa told us at knit night that her friend had brought her to see the Pink Lady’s Slippers at Whip Hill. I had never heard of such a flower but the ladies described them wonderfully and I was intrigued. Teresa sent me some lovely pictures today that she had taken but little did she know that I had already been to see them with the boys at 8am! Daddy had an early flight to Chicago this morning and we were all UP and AWAKE.

These ones were out in the open but most of them seemed to like to hide a little under a new sapling, with some shade from older trees, but, it seemed to me that they liked a little bare ground also…

Thank you Teresa! A glorious find!

And then we went to the playground with our friends Jacob and Adam who get up early for their poor mother EVERY day… (At least with me it’s just Eoin – Conor gets up much later with Daddy)




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