Early Morning

When Papa is away…

Eoin sleeps better

Conor sleeps worse

Mama gets tired…

Eoin has slept through two nights this week, but Conor woke up dreaming about a dragon at 4.30am this morning. Put him back to bed, pitter patter again, let him sleep with me for the first time ever, see Papa away, above. Then he woke at 5.30am and declared that the sun had come up (blackout curtains in kids’ rooms are a godsend.) I convinced him otherwise, then Eoin woke up for real at 5.45am (sleeping through from an earlier bedtime will do that to my early bird) then Conor got up at 7am crying for Daddy.

It is now only 9am and I have made brown bread. Early mornings make me do crazy things.

Conor is tired and picking on Eoin more than I would like. Which means I am tired and will soon start picking on Conor more than I would like. I’m in for a long day. Playgroup doesn’t even start for another hour and a half!

Time to try out the bread…

Playing nicely for the moment



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