Early Mother’s Day Present

Papa has to head off to Tucson tomorrow (Mother’s Day in the US) so we celebrated a little early. I made a hugely delicious lamb riblet dish with eggplant and red pepper quasi-ratatouille and sweet potato mash. It was most certainly the best dish I have made in a long time, helped by the fact that Papa could keep the boys out of the kitchen.

Then Papa surprised me at the end of the evening with an amazing “pancake” lens for my new camera that is designed for indoor use. We have Terrible Lighting in our house and this IGNORES IT COMPLETELY.

This photo taken at 9pm!

Speaking of lighting, I installed a new light in the dining room this week! I was very proud of my initiative though I initially installed a completely inadequate 60W directed light. Lesson learned. Hard work and the boys were starved in the process while being complete angels but it was worth it!


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