4th Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week Day Four – Color

How appropriate that I have to think about color on this dark gray day. Yesterday cleared up to a beautiful day by the beach, so I remain hopeful!

What colors am I drawn to?

Purple is my favorite color. I fondle every skein of it, I admire every skein someone brings in to show off at knit night, I contemplate stealing people’s gorgeous finished objects even though I can’t tolerate wool against my skin… I play games with purple pieces…

What colors do I knit with (without looking at your stash)?

I don’t think I actually knit with purple much at all. I don’t knit much for myself, and my boys look good in blue, and my husband loves green, and I tend to choose pink for girls because I don’t get to buy or knit pink things for my boys! And I tend to choose green for gender-neutral projects, of which there are many because my friends in Ireland don’t find out the gender of their babies until the big day… I buy so little yarn for myself that there is not very much purple in my stash, and my last purchase was a lovely aquamarine, probably because it matched the top I was wearing…

What colors do I actually knit with?

Some purple after all!

This is a screen grab of the second half of 2012’s projects. I was surprised by how much purple I got in there! I was right about the prevalence of greens and blues but I got to use some delicious purple from Bergere de France for the two Ravine hats, and a Cascade 220 Heathers purple for the Escargot.

And just think about it, my monkey mascot is purple!

Hanging out

Hanging out



  1. You don’t knit with nearly enough purple! I think you should knit purple for all those little baby girls you knit for. That way you get to work with the color you love and have a gift too.

  2. Loving these posts!

    You may enjoy my purple Colour Affection. Definitely a project you could do for yourself, such a fun knit, cozy and super rewarding.


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