I like to remain positive in this blog. Today was a bit of a bad day. It was my birthday but everything was a bit wrong.

At least 6 inches of snow, clear the snow. Husband is crippled by flu, stay in and try to stop boys from jumping on him. Order pizza, clear up two dinner plates boys broke. Oh, and clean up two burst bags of poop – one dog poop, one baby poop.

My bright points were punctuated by using my amazing new Canon Rebel SLR camera. It is truly awesome. I have no idea how to take pictures that do it justice but I am going to keep practising.

I made chocolate caramel puddings.



Time to eat!

Pretty nifty eh? I hope to take way better pictures of yarn now. And the boys. The other bright spots.


Trying to figure out the new contraption



  1. Happy belated birthday! Oh dear, what a day you had. The new camera takes such sharp photos – how exciting! You’ll have fun playing with it and we’ll get to enjoy the results. Hope your week gets better….

  2. I missed your birthday! I’m sorry. It was on my radar back at the beginning of the month and then I kind of lost track of everything. Happy Birthday!
    Sorry about the dog poop:( Rob won’t do that again…
    Your new camera takes great photos!
    I hope everyone is feeling better…

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