The Tucson Terrors

I should have known of course. I have realized and come to terms with the fact that there will always be snow when Papa goes to Arizona in the winter, but I somehow deluded myself into thinking everything else went swimmingly.
Frozen pipes 2011. Too early to call Papa. Call Wes, turn up heat, escape to Family Network drop-in playroom.
Collapsed fence 2012. Too early to call Papa. Call Wes, make sure insurance doesn’t need to be involved, tie it up with rope.
Dead car battery 2013. Transfer car seats to other car (handy aspect of traveling Papa), realize Papa is awake, call Papa, wait until he comes home this weekend for jump lead lesson, use other car for the week.



  1. You need AAA. For a reasonable yearly fee they will come and jump start your car, bring you gas if you need it, tow you to a gas station, give you maps and tour books and they offer discounts to lots of great places. I’ve had my memberships since the mid 80’s and feel like it’s paid for itself.

    1. We have AAA but W said to wait because all they will do is jumpstart it, which he can do, but he can also change the battery…
      Another good thing about them is the free passport photos – has saved us lots of money!

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