Sponsor a Sweater

I promised Karen that I would make chocolate eclairs if she finished her Cassidy sweater. She’s put it on the long finger for a while now though, and I was VERY bored stuck at home for another snow-filled weekend. I decided, therefore, to try out Darina Allen’s recipe and see if Karen would finish the sweater in order to get MORE once the sweater is done!

Choux Pastry

Ready for the oven

Rising in the oven

Ready for cream

Chocolate Eclairs!!!

The chocolate was a huge disappointment. I used semi-sweet Ghirardelli chocolate but it was way too bitter. The eclairs were divine all the same – pastry and cream just melted in your mouth. W had the idea to put powdered sugar on Karen’s – hopefully it helped with the bitterness a little.

Chocolate eclairs were one of the most scary things I’ve ever wanted to make, but it was not as hard as I expected at all. And the chocolate will be much improved when Karen finishes her Cassidy sweater!




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