Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

WordLily posted about her son taking down all her books from her shelves, and I see this in my future soon with Eoin (he’s already been snuffling around, but I have the books wedged in TIGHT because Conor was NOT one to be redirected (we removed the books for a year with him…) Removal is not an option with the books (too many games now) but I was more worried about the DVD cases, because Conor STILL likes to pull those out.)

They are now all in a big wallet. Here’s the finished result.

DVD wallet beside One box paper inserts, Two boxes DVD cases

Of course, the unfortunate thing is that the space I have freed up by doing all that work is just going to be claimed by games… Perhaps I could set up a project box for my knitting, but who wants projects within reach of a baby either???


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