St. Lucia’s Day

St. Lucia told Santa that she would help him out this Christmas. Santa had some really big things for Conor and Eoin that would be hard to fit in the sleigh all the way to Ireland, so St. Lucia had a chat and said she would deliver some early. Papa just graduated from his leadership program and she thought we all deserved a celebration. I had no saffron for saffron buns, so I made a Canadian Christmas meal instead!

Acorn squash with maple syrup, Tourtiere (pork pie)

This episode brought to you by Eliza’s Patented Neverending Kitchen Teether Supply…

Nom nom

It was time for presents! We will skip the fact that Lucia didn’t have time to assemble them and some cursing was involved and jump right to the action!


Mummy and Daddy are very grateful not to have to pretend to be baskets anymore. Erratic shots to the head will surely be reduced. Phew!

“Why hello, welcome to my new abode.”


Conor likes it too.

This morning both toys were still a huge hit. Here’s Eoin before his brother woke up:

Little Tikes Activity Garden

And after:

He’s very accommodating.



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