Young Einstein for Treasa

I made a Young Einstein by Julia Stanfield for my friend Grainne’s lovely new baby girl.

I previously made the partner pattern from the same ebook, Little Hoodlum for Conor.
I find the design very long and slim in both patterns but thankfully that has suited my boys and hopefully long Treasa too. Conor is still wearing his sweater at 2.75 and it’s a size 2, but because it was slim and he has such a long torso he’s been wearing it since last winter.
The patterns have lots of directions for personalization (collar, hood, striping, contrasting band etc) so they are very versatile. Also my long slim issue might be because I used Berroco Weekend both times and don’t have a different gauge to compare to.

PS sorry about the weird direction of the photo. It’s an iPhone photo because Eoin puked on and killed my computer. I have not yet set up papa’s old computer for blogging and the iPhone is more…


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