Trip to the Aquarium

With Papa away Mama always does at least one special day. This one had to involve the train, everything else would be sprinkles on top. The library had an available discounted pass for the aquarium. Yay!

We had to drive to Wellington station because there was no parking at Oak Grove, but that meant that we saw more trains, because Wellington has a big glass-windowed bridge over the tracks and we could see the trains coming and going.

Turtles being fed squid on a stick

The aquarium is undergoing a major overhaul which I was not aware of. Their huge cylindrical tank is closed so the turtles and other fish are where the penguins usually are, and the penguins are “on vacation”. The shark and ray touch tank is also closed. There was a new zebra shark on loan that had just been introduced that day that Conor LOVED though. He wouldn’t ordinarily fit in their normal tank habitats so that was a treat. We also discovered a whole other outdoor section with fur seals that I hadn’t known existed. They had a few Little Blue Penguins that you could see in that section to make up for all the other penguins being gone.

On the train ride home


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