Smolak Farms Children’s Festival

W had to work on Saturday so I took the boys to a farm with a playground, tractor rides, cider donuts…

In the mini tractor ride

Front row seats

We had a bit of a meltdown disaster at the end when it was time to get our pumpkin. Hungry baby, ice creams and water to juggle, a boy who had been promised a pumpkin at the end of our adventure… We made it to the car in the end, plonked down to feed Eoin and give treats to Conor (and rescue the fallen ice cream – so there IS some positive thing about HUMONGOUS “baby” ice creams – they can be salvaged very well), then I managed to regroup and we went back with the stroller so Conor could pick out a “Heavy Pumpkin”.

Papa had special flowers waiting

Papa surprised me with beautiful flowers (which Conor likes to “smell”) and Conor keeps talking about his Heavy Pumpkin that he carried all by himself (on his lap!) It was a delight seeing him try to pick up all the pumpkins in the patch. I’m glad I was able to regroup for it. Four hours at a farm was intense but well worth it.


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