Showing Off More Handknits

The first time I went back to knitting after Eoin was born I was showered with beautiful baby knits. It of course immediately became summer and I had to wait and wait to try most of them out. We finally got some chilly days this week and I got a few things on him. Next week I will have more to show!

Milo vest and socks by Karen

Karen knit this gorgeous Milo vest for Eoin. He is so snuggly soft in it! He wore it to the doctor’s office so he could be snuggly after his shots. The socks are adorable.

Hat by Teresa, socks by Marcia, Little Man from Dean and Kate

The second shot was an action shot. It was impossible not to get a blurry photo of those feet! Teresa made so many hats for Eoin it is hard to choose which one to wear! Marcia made two pairs of teeny socks and a Pembroke vest which I will show off very soon (the weather is warm again.)

And of course you saw the blanket Meaghan made in the rolling post below…



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