I Love The United States of America

I am so happy to be counted among her citizens now. Yesterday I got an amazing package in the mail from my friend Teresa. Every detail in it was perfect and special in each teeny way, from the stickers on the envelope to each bead she crocheted in the gorgeous bracelet.

I had to take a picture of everything together

The ceremony and oath were today. Gemma took Conor to the aquarium and I had Eoin with me. Of course, the man who brought me to America and the reason why I can now call myself a citizen was naturally in Heidelberg, Germany, where we met… How ironic.

I got a fantastic surprise as we got back to the house…


I’ve never ever  had balloons on my door before. I LOVE THEM! So special! I immediately thought of Karen and it turns out I was right. I checked my email and I had 6 new comments on the blog from her blog readers who she had sent over to me to congratulate me!!!

Fun with flags and balloons

So, I am just so happy to live here and to have such amazing friends. They helped me have a true celebration of becoming a Fellow American, as President Obama called me in his letter…



  1. Hi Liz, big congrats. Looks like you had a fantastic day. Pitty W was in HB – as you said, ironic! Lots of love, Dave, Tara and E

  2. Congratulations! I’m so happy that you liked everything and that you had such a good day! Love the photos!

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