City Living and Playgrounds

Living in a city like DC can be strange. Downtown is only now becoming residential, so there are very few playgrounds. You have to go to Georgetown or other suburbs to find any. While there, you come across many international parents (lots of embassies in Georgetown) and nannies. Just like playgrounds, daycares are also sparse downtown so nannies are the solution.

The boys and I have had to seek out playgrounds both for our sanity and also because of the street sweeping – the other strange thing I have found about living in the city… Street parking means street sweeping, so one side of the road is swept on a Wednesday and the other on a Thursday. If your car is parked there you have to vacate the street from 9.30-11.30am. Of course, when you get back, you have your pick of spots, since most people don’t get back at noon! However, if you don’t get out by 9.30 you can be towed (saw one towed at 9.34am today!) or get a ticket.

I would like to record the best playgrounds here so I don’t forget. In order of preference:

Turtle Park, Georgetown. Good fence. Great wooden structures (two slide structures), wooden train, sand area, hilly bit that kids raced little cars down, picnic area.

Guy Mason, Georgetown. No fence but pretty contained, except large size makes it hard to keep an eye on kids. Good slide playframe with tunnel, another with windy slide, great sand area with playhouse bar and barstools, oversize xylophone that Conor loved.

Windmill Hill Park, Alexandria. Fenced. Two play areas on hill, for two age groups, sand pit, climbing ropes to get up hill.

Rose Park, Georgetown. Tot lot fenced. Nice wooden fire engine reminded me of Paris, sand pit, small play structure.

Kalorama Park, Adams Morgan. Fenced. Two age group playgrounds. Very loud, near busy street with buses, bit too small. Too many daycare groups in big-kid area. Slide structure, rocking springy ride-ons, sand pit.


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