3KCBWDAY7 Day Seven: Crafting Balance

Recently I have been having trouble getting enough time to knit. I purchased curtains on sale for Conor but they were too long and very see-through. I knew they would have to be lined. Each curtain takes about two days worth of naps, between measuring, hemming, and lining, then adjusting the position of the buttons since the blackout lining is so much heavier than the fabric. Also, some days it was too hard to get down on my hands and knees to measure (being 37, 38 and 39 weeks pregnant will do that to you), some days I was on Skype, some days I was catching up on eating lunch…

I am proud of these

I’ll tell you the problem with balancing sewing and knitting.

SEWING IS THANKLESS. Not one of the two people who have seen my curtains have complimented me on the huge amount of work I put into them, or told me they are wonderful, functionally perfect, and that I have amazing skillz.

With knitting, I can put Conor in a sweater and take him places and GET NICE COMMENTS ALL DAY.

So the fact that poor JCVD Jr’s (aka the baby in the belly aka Eoin’s) sweater has been put on hold again and again (first two times for knitting purposes – Valentine’s hat for W, pink baby sweater for Andrea, this time around for the curtains) has bummed me. Sure, it’s 6-12 month size, but I would love to go to knit night and receive nice oohs and aahs when it’s finally done, and be confident when doing that button band that I will have compliments in October, November, December, January, February…

See, you'd even compliment the belly, with two unfinished projects pictured, isn't that right?

Since the little man has been born he has been wearing the green sweater I made Conor and looking very cute in it. He is so much bigger than Conor that I have no doubt he’ll fit in the 6-12 month sweater sooner rather than later! So, I’d better finish it!!! (In the last days before birth I got the neck and one and a half button bands done – it won’t take long!) And then I’ll get nice comments all day…



  1. The curtains are very impressive! I”m in awe of anyone who can sew (and knit!). Can’t wait to see the finished sweater (which I’ll oooohhhh and aaahh over when I see it!). 🙂

  2. I think the curtains are awesome! I tried to make curtains once and they stunk! I know how much work is put into them, and yours look great! Mine were unhangable…

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