3KCBWDAY6 Day Six: Improving Your Skillset

When I started knitting again I felt like I didn’t know much but that I could learn bit by bit. Every project I chose had something new in it. That has changed slightly as I’ve gotten better, and have repeated favourite patterns, but I still aim to add a new skill whenever possible.

My next challenge is colorwork. I attended a Fair Isle class a couple of months ago, but chose colors that didn’t contrast. It was nice to have some time to devote to learning a new technique. but I think I may have been better off watching a video on knittinghelp.com instead as I did not find that the teacher focussed much on technique or imparting knowledge. A great tip I learned recently on The Rainey Sisters blog was to take a photo of your chosen colors then switch it to black and white to see if it contrasts! I also got Alice Starmore’s Book of Fair Isle Knitting out of the library and learned a lot from that. As for using two hands to hold the yarns… That will just take practice. Intarsia is on the cards too. Incorporating color is definitely my goal for this year!

I had a goal last year that I haven’t attempted yet and that is lace knitting with silk. I want to use the gorgeous silk my husband brought back from China for me!

4 cones of silk and sets of extremely long double-pointed bamboo needles

The silk is VERY fine, especially the blue and red, but I think I have found a pattern: Emily Dickinson by Kieran Foley. I might try and knit with the grey or green first to try my hand at lace using silk (at lace in general in fact!!!) As for the beads… Well, I have used them before, with the Odessa hat, and I really enjoyed doing that. It’s completely possible!!!


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