3KCBWDAY3 Day Three: My Knitting Heroine

There are many amazing knitters out there, with some great blogs, designs and finished projects. The designer that has had the greatest impact on my actual knitting in its fledgling state though is Kate Oates (tottopper on Ravelry). She designs amazing hats (and other things). She has two boys so there are some great boy patterns.

The first time I knitted one of her hats was as part of my first ever Knit-Along on one of my favourite groups on Ravelry – Knitting for Boys. It was a real challenge for lots of people, as we knew we would be adding a brim to a hat, and she guided us through it really well and was incredibly helpful and friendly.

I overestimated Conor’s noggin and knit that hat in toddler size, which was way too big (was perfect this winter) so I immediately knew I needed to do another of her patterns in a smaller size. There was only one true option.

ROAR! A Dinosaur Hat!!!

Perfect for my dinosaur screeches

He has since gotten a toddler size with the colours reversed, and I have purchased the yarn for Papa’s hat too. All three men of the house will have matching Roars this winter. I also made matching hats for Conor’s friend and his new brother.

Matching ROARS!

Next project was a Clemson hat for cousin Hayden, she whose mother dresses her in Orange for all games. I have a feeling Kate Oates does this with her sons too…

What a Clemson Cutie

Hayden had another new cousin who also required a hat. I noticed Toren had a lot of football themed things in his registry and decided to augment his collection, making a tiny newborn size since he lives in Nashville and wouldn’t need a hat for long.

This hat is NOT a Tot Topper theme, BUT it uses all of her sizing and instructions from the Petite Purls-issued Cheery Scrap Hat. This is because I really trust her sizing from my experiences with Roar. The football theme was taken from a Ravelry pattern search for inspiration.


I know these are all hats, but I have my eyes set on some of Kate Oates sweaters too… Maybe it’s because her boys are so cute, or maybe it’s because they are simply adorable knits, but something like Boys Can Wear Pink really tore me for a while when I was deciding what to make Conor for his uncle’s wedding… In the end, Papa vetoed it. Maybe Gramps Cardigan will be next?



  1. I’ve always wanted to knit a brim hat but have put it off b/c it seems a lot of work and slightly intimidating. You may just inspire me to do Kate’s.

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