3KCBWDAY2 Day Two: Photography Challenge Day

Initially, my personal photography challenge was to have a photo of the baby in the belly in a hand knit… That would mean that he would have had to have arrived by now though. I was so convinced he would be early like his brother! Today is 40+1. There are plenty more hours in the day, but we are laying some bait for him this morning, in the form of tiny Saartje bootees that are way too small, but will fit for one going-home picture, whenever that may be…

Anatomically correct positioning of bootees on belly, according to yesterday's ultrasound



  1. Awww! That’s where my babe’s feet are positioned too, based on kicking activity … I feel for you … I’m just happy I have slightly less than four weeks to go until my due date! Here’s hoping the wait isn’t much longer!

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