Blooming Marvellous

This past week has seen buds turn to leaves in a matter of hours, blossoms come through in a couple of days, flowers show all their glory. Every morning I wake up to new growth/blossoms/flowers/leaves.

Can't decide if this is a cherry, crabapple, or hawthorn. It gets small inedible red berries, and its bark peels off. Any ideas?

Rogue bulb in the daffodil mix

This week I realised I would have to get my rear in gear if I wanted to attain my goal of starting a rhubarb colony. Conor and I went to a HUGE garden center in Winchester called Mahoney’s and got a rhubarb, a mint, and a strawberry plant. I also put a couple of seeds in the ground (cilantro/coriander and green onions). Conor is seriously into watering, so I am hoping I won’t be allowed to forget to help my plants along this year! I’m an atrociously negligent gardener…

Also, the prospect of my own crop of rhubarb next year will hopefully ensure I care for them!

In a further clue towards identifying my mystery tree, here’s a frequent visitor in the second tree in the driveway, which is slower in blooming, so you can see the leaves!



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