Tarte Tatin

I made my first ever tarte Tatin today. W has said it’s his favourite pie.

I asked Camilla for a smaller cast iron pan for my birthday specifically so I could make this pie (we have a great one we got for our wedding from Suzi but we use that for chops and meats, and it’s too big for a tarte)

A tarte Tatin is an upside-down tart. The crust goes on top!

Ready to flip over

I flipped it over a bit badly. I also was afraid to leave the powdered sugar to caramelize under the broiler too long because I was cooking the dinner at the same time... All to be improved next time.

Because, oh yes, there will be a next time...

Another note: Our resident French cuisine expert said that the crust is usually different, more cakelike. I used leftover pastry I had from the quiches and strawberry pie I made last week and didn’t even look to see what Julia Child wanted me to use.


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