Summer in Spring

You can’t tell in this photo, but Conor is wearing shorts! He is also sporting his new shirt from Gemma, which I thought we would have to wait much longer to see! We have had three days of high 70s/low 80s (mid to high 20s C) weather, wearing shorts, playing outside, watching our daffodils come out…

My little pots and pans were not big enough for my grand plans

Here is my first daffodil. I planted the bulbs last fall hoping the daffodils would greet Jean-Claude van Damme Jr, but that was calculating by the extremely LATE spring we had last year. This year our winter has been so mild that spring is very EARLY! The little one is under orders to stay cooking despite the lovely yellow flowers!

Waiting for some narcissal company

Appropriate for Irish Daffodil Day in aid of the Irish Cancer Society I think… Oh and you can’t see it, but the tree it’s under is sprouting Leaves!!!


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