Sew Much Progress

I made my first real garment (saving a fleece disaster when I was a teenager) in December. I finally took a picture today.

Rambo Jr or Rocky?

I finally had to admit that Conor had grown out of the cute duck robe Gemma gave him last Christmas, so this one has been fantastic at swimming instead (the old one barely covered his bum – this one is down to the ankles!) Conor was back at swimming today after a two-week break and I have never been so wet in my life – he was SO excited and swimming like a champion! I was very proud.

That of course gave me the sewing bug, and there is an upcoming need for blankets. JCVD Jr is now all set with his own flannel blanket. Conor has his tiger blanket, JCVD Jr has DINOSAURS! Hear the two of them ROAR!

Cute cute

Two neighbors are having girls. Our immediate neighbors, due in February, have a dog called Barnaby, and I discovered I still had some of the really cute paws flannel I made for little Hayden.

Easy decision

Neighbors that we just met at Halloween and have since become friendly with are having a girl the same time I am due. I found this fleece at JoAnns fabric store and couldn’t leave it on the shelf. Bronwen may recognize the lining, which was leftover from the lining of Charlotta’s cardigan.

Little Miss Fun


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  1. These are sooo cute! 🙂 I sort of wish I knew how to sew, but then that would mean a fabric/sewing stash…. I think I better not learn how to sew!

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