Making the Pudding

Since Christmas is here this year it was high time I made the pudding! First, the dried fruit (if I can manage to get Conor to stop eating it all)

Four types of raisins, figs, cherries, citrus peel

Not without help from the budding mixologist

Time to transition to the wet ingredients after adding the ballast:

Starting to smell goooood

And now for the most important part!

This has turned out wetter than previous years, so I'm hopeful it means I won't dry it out like my first attempt!

This will stay overnight, have another good stir in the morning, have more liquid added if necessary, then will go in the pressure cooker! It smells fantastic!



  1. Conor is growing up fast! So cute!
    How are you going to keep your pudding until Christmas?
    Nice dishwasher!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Hi Marie,
      Since it’s cooked and has lots of dried fruit (and some alcohol) it lasts for ages. I’m actually making it a bit late! You’re supposed to let it rest at least 6 weeks according to one of my recipe books. One Christmas my mum discovered a pudding in the cupboard that had been there since the Previous Christmas and it was still fine! (But she decided not to eat it anyway, just in case…)
      Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

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