Shiny Shiny

Our dishwasher stopped pumping at the beginning of the week. Since we didn’t know how old it was (inherited it with the house), but we guessed it was at least 10 years, plus we despised it, and it didn’t clean the dishes (e.g. it left lots of dirty stuff on top of the glasses on the upper rack), oh yeah, and it was thunderous in its noise, we decided to go for a new one.


There were lots of positives though really. I found that washing the dishes by hand made me realise how badly the dishwasher had been cleaning them, so I felt better about getting an early Christmas present. I also had to do a huge clean-up on the sink and counters so we could get to grips with leaving dishes out for a bit longer than usual. The sink also got a good clean, so it could safely be used as a basin! (It was a bit manky to be honest.)

Look at me!

Right now we have put it on for the first time and the sound level is so much better than the old one. I was working in the kitchen and I could hear myself think! Oh yeah, and another good thing? Hidden controls!



  1. Sweet new toy! Ours makes a serious racket… I might sabotage it by washing rocks in it so I can convince Julie we need a new shiny one like yours!

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