Finishing the Fence

You haven’t heard me speak about the white picket fence in a while now. I have slowly been plodding away at it all summer, averaging one section a week. Sometimes rain or wind thwarted me, sometimes tiredness, and very soon the cold will put a stop to it altogether.

Today I was delighted to finish the main section, the part that goes all around the front and side of the house. All that’s left are 6 sections on the driveway side, but they’re in dreadful shape. I was hoping we would get the chance to change out their rotten posts, but no such luck.

Still, this was the last section today, on a glorious sunny painting day:

A big day

And now I can breathe a bit easier. I still am very bummed that I probably won’t finish the driveway fence before the winter, but the rest looks fantastic, and will hopefully keep the fence sound for a lot longer. We will try for another coat next summer, but all the scraping and prep won’t be necessary anymore!

A beautiful day



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