Acton Discovery Museum

We went on the long drive to Acton today to the Discovery Museum and spent almost THREE hours there! I was expecting a huge nap to ensue, but it’s 3.15 and he’s still wide awake. Crikey.

The Discovery Museum is in a 3-storey house with lots of differently themed rooms. Downstairs there’s a train room, a ball room…

The room is full of different cause-and-effect ball mazes

And a water room (It even has a stand-inside bubble maker)

We got a teeny bit wet

The next floor has a color room (even the slide’s steps light up in different colors), a jungle room, an electricity/magnet/music room…

This spiral coin thing was new

And an amazing diner and kitchen set-up

Conor loves working in the kitchen

Upstairs in the attic everything has a maritime theme. Captain Conor steered the ship through the rain to a sunny Caribbean island!

All aboard!


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