My friend and neighbor Karen afforded me a great honor by awarding me the Versatile Blogger award. If I accept this award I do three things:

  • Thank the blogger who presented it to me and link to their blog
  • Share 7 things about me
  • Pass this award on to some newly discovered blogs

I have a problem with the latter however, and thus feel that I probably should decline the award. I have very little time to read blogs and thus only read blogs done by my family and friends. You can find all the links on the right of my blog. They’re great blogs, but mainly for catching up on kids’ and family progress. I think the best thing for any of my readers to do would be to follow the trail BACKwards. Karen nominated me and some great other blogs that I would otherwise have nominated (!), she was nominated by Renee, who was nominated by… You get the idea! For me, these are newly discovered blogs (Well, I read about Little Man on Renee’s blog if I ever get a chance to read extra blogs!) If I have a moment next week, I’m going to follow the trail back and try to add some bookmarks…


Thank you Karen for deeming me worthy, and for the CUPCAKES!

And because it intrigues me, even though I’m not technically award-worthy: 7 Things:

1. I’m from Ireland, living in the US. I moved to Germany in 2003 to do an MA and met my American husband while I was there. We moved to Tucson in 2007, and Boston in 2010.

2. I am married to an astrophysicist. It is super cool.He travels a lot, but that also means that WE travel a lot.

3. My favourite place in the world is West Cork, Ireland.

4. I wrote my MA thesis on the Depiction of Letter Writing in 17th Century Dutch Painting (in German).

5. I like sports but do not find any chance to play. I will watch any sport but soccer on TV (excluding women’s soccer, that’s tolerable on TV). Funnily enough, the sport I most want to PLAY is soccer… I have indoor and outdoor soccer shoes and nowhere to use them.

6. I have a very mixed taste in music, but tend to lean towards country, singer/songwriters, and traditional Irish music. Yesterday I had a lightbulb go off in my head that told me I should join an orchestra and play my clarinet again.

7. I get overwhelmed in libraries and book stores. When I don’t know what I want I flounder in all the possibilities. The same happens in yarn stores and I leave disappointed and empty-handed, unless I plan ahead and know what I need.


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