Spotted in the Wild

Conor wore his jersey all day. I’m definitely feeling more positive about it. I am disappointed by the weight of the yarn. I chose a very heavy weight, yet it’s a t-shirt jersey… I wanted the *right* green for an Ireland rugby jersey though. It worked well with the long-sleeve t-shirt underneath however, so I think I will keep it and not rip it all out like I had been thinking.

Especially when he looks so cute...

He had a couple of compliments also, but not at the Bruins game we went to last night – it’s not black and gold after all! Here is a picture of us, spotted in the wild, on the Bruins website.

Another animal caught in the wild recently (actually finished way back in August, but only hung up this weekend!!!) is Hutch, from Wallace and Gromit. I started him in Germany, originally making him for W, but he doesn’t like to take things into his office that I have put a lot of effort in to. He hates how I never make things for myself, so he said he would prefer if I could see it every day – so Conor gets it! It looks best in his room too.


I know, shock horror it’s Cross Stitch!!! But what about the knitting?! Well, I was tidying up my crafts and found lots of cross stitch projects I had high hopes for before I started back to knitting. Hutch had to be finished first though. Finishing him spurred me on to designing my own project for a height chart for the family. There are train tracks marking out the inches, each child will have a carriage on a train with their own colour, and their height will be marked off in their colour every year. I will put little symbols also (well, that’s the plan), like if Conor is into dinosaurs at age 3 there will hopefully be a mini dinosaur by his height at that time too!



  1. Oh no, don’t rip out the jersey! It is so cute and the layered look is very cool! Love your cross stitch picture and looks like you had a blast at the Bruins game!

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