Halloween Cupcakes

I made a test batch of cupcakes today for a first birthday we’ve been invited to on Halloween weekend. I was in Williams Sonoma the other day and was devilishly tempted by these cupcake stencils. I can usually hold back very well and just drool in Williams Sonoma but I just couldn’t put these down… The result was very pleasing.


Conor was the official taste tester. The cupcakes need some improvement, because I made a mistake in the batter (too much milk) and the frosting  was too sweet because I didn’t have enough unsweetened chocolate so had to make it with bittersweet. But they were still a hit in the toddler department! Running commentary was mmm mmm mmm (should have taken a video.)

More frosting with a cupcake on the side please!



  1. I’m with Conor! There has to be the proper frosting to cupcake ratio (heavier on the frosting and less cupcake)!! They are really cute and look yummy!

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