The Case of the Appearing Toys

Conor is one lucky fella in this neighborhood. Neighbors of ours saw how much he enjoyed his wooden car outside and came around with another car they had in their garage. Their son is in college, so they said he could have it until he was done with it! A week later they came by with another car, a coupe this time!

Two weeks ago I came home to a slide left in our front yard then yesterday morning we woke up to a BIKE and another coupe! I don’t know how to thank these amazing neighbors! I am thinking I will have to knit and knit and knit!

Not pictured is the second coupe (the car on the left)

All these toys have just been picked up around the neighborhood and all I have to do is give them a good clean! I think I will clean up the second coupe and give it to a friend’s son – we are not going to have any more space in our garage!

I also picked up a free car garage for Conor this weekend that didn’t sell at a yard sale. As above, it just needed a little clean. Conor plays with it for ages longer than he usually plays with his toys.

Vroom vroom


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