The games fit in our new cabinets! There’s barely an inch of space for any more games, but that’s a Tetris game for another day!

To the right

And to the left

The house is really improved with the changes. The basement is benefiting from one set of the old shelves taking back some floor space, and the recycling tubs have gone on the other set of shelves in the garage. More space all around!


One comment

  1. Hi Liz,
    Love reading your blog, hearing about your life in Boston, and watching Conor grow up – and I love your new games cabinets! After being inspired by your pictures, I finally persuaded Henning that we need cabinets *with glass doors* to store our games collection (and keep the dust off!) – we’re off to IKEA this evening for some shopping, yoohoo!
    Love to all the family,
    P.S. Our absolutely favourite game at the moment is Agricola that we got at Easter (can see it in your collection too)… I’m the current reigning champion! 😉

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