Return from China

Papa returned from China late Friday night. Mama is an extremely lucky knitter!

4 cones of silk and sets of extremely long double-pointed bamboo needles

Since I can’t wear hairy/animal fibers, I asked W to go to a yarn store in Beijing for me to get some silk. I got a recommendation for Wan Sha Cashmere store from pennywenny in my new knitting group and W went there on his last day. Now that I have FOUR CONES of silk in my possession I’m kind of scared about what I’ve gotten myself in to. Silk is hard to work with, and the blue (my favourite) and the red ones are only the thickness of a thread. I will need a lot of practice before I tackle something too advanced. It is really exciting though, and I love to challenge myself.

Conor got some gorgeous pyjamas that he has to grow in to, and a cool t-shirt with pandas doing taichi. He also took a shine to Papa’s treat for himself – a Chinese chess set:

Is this like wizard chess?

Chopsticks are also a fun find.

Chop chop

We are very very glad to have Papa back.


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