Baby Gifts

My friends Jim and Bex just had a baby girl in Barcelona! I used to play soccer with Jim and other canoe club lads and lassies in Herbert Park every summer. Jim recently moved to Barcelona and posts on Twitter about the Barcelona soccer team a LOT. I had very little difficulty picking a knitting project for their baby.

Barca Ball for Barca Baby

It’s in Knit Picks Shine Worsted. The pattern is a free one from Yana Ivey. I really enjoyed making the ball. I learned each of the two shapes pretty quickly (you need to make a lot so repetition breeds recognition!) and I made the ball in Paris, Berlin, Boston, and MontrĂ©al. It has made its way to Barcelona and is a hit.

Bounce me!

Also, no gender issues either. Barcelona colors for a Barcelona lady, and it was finished during the final of the Women’s World Cup. Jim and Bex were taking their time finding a name and I was about to email and suggest “The Real Baby Abby Wambach” but they named her in the meantime. Ah well…

I used the same yarn first to make a baby gift for Jen and Evan. It was how I knew to look at Knit Picks for the Barcelona colors, since I had seen so many nice colors buying the yarn for Jen’s gift. Jen is a Clemson girl and there are tiger paws and Clemson gear everywhere in their house. One of my favourite hat designers, Kate Oates, is also a Clemson fan and she designed a Clemson hat for babies! No more pattern deliberation required here either!

Clemson Cap for Cousin Cutie

The baby shower was on Donal’s wedding day so I naturally couldn’t make it, but I sent the gift, along with a homemade flannel blanket in a cute paws pattern, along with Farmor.


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