Missing Magnus

So, apparently Magnus pined after Conor for a good long while after our trip to Berlin. Well, he has definitely made a lasting impression on Conor too. My favourite is with books. Magnus comes to you with a book and wants to sit on your lap if you are on the floor, and so it has started with Conor (both floor and couch, thank heavens). We are finally getting more interest in books! Being so active it was always a bit hard to get him to sit still for more than “open, close”.

The next thing is water. Magnus loves water! I loved watching the two boys play in Berlin. Conor now has a water table too!

Busy bee

There's lots of room for you too, Magnus!

The other thing Conor loved with Magnus was his duck push toy. I knew I would have to get Conor one when he took the ladle out of the drawer and started pushing it around. Heartbreaking!

The swimming seal "sealed" the deal


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