You can guess the theme already – PLAYGROUNDS! We tried going to the Museum of Fine Arts also, but Conor did not really approve… Worth a try though! I wasn’t that impressed by the size of the collection anyway – I must be completely spoiled by my trips to Europe!

Still, we were not entirely uncultured and had a lovely two days spending some time with our friend Ann each day.

Notre Dame Basilica

There were some excellent parks and playgrounds. Conor loves wheels as you can see.

Captain Conor's Conquest Continues

We climbed up Mont Royal (Montreal, get it?) to see the city. I was pretty proud going up about 200 steps to the lookout with Conor on my own – with stroller folded over one shoulder, and the diaper bag and Conor on the other arm!

"Mama, you should let me take the picture. I'd do a much better job."

Papa joined us on the Saturday evening and Sunday after his meeting was finished. He was very excited to partake in our playground program.

Parc Lafontaine, before poutine stopped our arteries

Old Port on Sunday


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