Weekend in Berlin

We’re just back from a long weekend with family in Berlin. We met Magnus and Anja for the first time, and Conor added Gammelmormor and Pontus to the list! Magnus is only 7 months older than Conor but he is gigantic – about a head taller! He is a darling, and loves playing with water.

Water Warriors

The two boys got on well. They are quite different – Magnus is shy and caring and Conor is independent and active, but they seem to balance each other out.  They preferred to share the attention of the papas or mamas if one was getting too much…

Disco Dancing

We met up with my friend Stephan on Saturday and then Mormor (Gammelmormor to Conor, Farmor to Magnus) came to visit. On Sunday we all went to the playground at the Tiergarten.

On the swing

Conor loves swings

Monday was spent with the four boys in Potsdam



One comment

  1. That looks like so much fun! I bet Conor napped after all that playing:)
    Last night was knit night and you were greatly missed. Everyone was asking when you’d be home.

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