Parks, Playgrounds and Padlocks

Our days so far have been made up of finding parks and playgrounds for Conor. Our local playground is best in the evening, when it is very quiet.

King of the Castle

But it can also have its moments after a lunch with Papa, where Conor had been a very good boy.

Hanging out at the bottom of slides is the BEST!

Yesterday we explored the Parc des Buttes Chaumont. The playground was a bit too old and had too many older kids, but there was an okay sandbox. Down by the lake however, I discovered a way better shaded sandbox, so we will definitely return, because Conor loves ducks (“quack” WAS his first discernible word after Mama and Baba after all…)

Check out the fairytale-like bridges and pathways

Then yesterday evening Karl was meeting a bunch of friends on the Pont des Arts for wine and nibbles. Conor and I formed the advance party while W had a conference call. Lots of people have left padlocks on the bridge as a symbol of their love for each other.

Endless Entertainment

The view was pretty nice too…

Along the Seine


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